I don't want to miss my graduation; what are the important dates I need to know about?

You can find all the important graduation dates and deadlines on the Graduations website http://www.student.uwa.edu.au/graduation/overview  

Where and when can I collect my regalia?

Regalia collection is available in the days leading up to your ceremony in the marquee on the grass (Southern side of the Undercroft) near Winthrop Hall.

Saturday 7th December, 9.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday 8th December, 9.00am – 5.00pm

Ceremony day pickup times -
Please note there is limited times available to collect regalia on your ceremony day.

From 8:00am until 9:00am for graduands attending the 10am commencement on 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th of December.

From 12:00am until 1:00pm for graduands attending the 2pm commencement on 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th of December.

From 4:00pm until 5:00pm for graduands attending the 6pm commencement on 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th & 14th of December.

Regalia Returns: Once the graduation has finished and you have had refreshments and photos taken, all hire regalia needs to be returned to the marquee near the Undercroft before you leave the venue.

Can I get help if I am unsure how to wear the regalia?

Yes!  GFP has a ‘Dress Me’ station set-up to assist graduands with their regalia. The ‘Dress Me’ station will be open 2 hours before each ceremony and is located close to the Regalia Marquee on the southern side of the Undercroft near Winthrop Hall.  Just come along and one of our staff will ensure you are dressed correctly. 

Our staff will be avaliable from the following times

10am Ceremony - 8am - 9:00am

2pm Ceremony 12pm - 1:00pm

6pm Ceremony 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Please note, if you run out of time, staff are also available to assist graduands as they enter the ceremony. 

Is Regalia different for Bachelor and Masters?

Yes, Bachelor gowns have long bell-shaped sleeves, split from shoulder to wrist, the arm does not pass through the split.  Hoods are fully lined in the faculty colour and include a ribbon trim.

Masters gowns have long closed sleeves with the arm passing through a split above the elbow.  Hoods are fully lined in the faculty colour with no ribbon trim.

Do I have to wear Academic Dress to participate in my Graduation Ceremony?

Yes. You will be required to wear the prescribed academic dress for the Degree or Diploma in which you are graduating. The regalia comprises a gown, a mortar board and hood in the appropriate colour. Please note: you are required to be in the correct academic dress before crossing the stage.

How much does it cost to graduate?

Providing you have no outstanding debts to the University, there are no administrative fees associated with graduating.

How many tickets will I be allocated for the graduation ceremony?

Through studentConnect you can request up to two complimentary guest tickets for Winthrop Hall. Your personal ticket for the graduation ceremony plus your requested complimentary guest ticket/s for Winthrop Hall will be available when you collect your regalia.

Can I apply for or buy more guest tickets for my graduation ceremony?

There are restrictions on the available space within Winthrop Hall, therefore you are unable to apply for more complimentary guest tickets. However graduands can purchase a Graduation/Live-streaming and refreshments package for up to five extra guests. The cost of the package is $25.00 per person. The package includes:

  • Unallocated seating within a live-streaming venue;
  • Live-streaming of the graduation ceremony;
  • Post-ceremony refreshments. Refreshments consist of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a canapé supper
  • If you require more than five extra guest tickets please contact GFP customer service on 1300 360 445 or info@gfp.com.au.

How do I access the extra guest tickets purchased?

Once purchased, a receipt and email confirmation will be sent to you containing your tickets. You will need to print these tickets prior to your arrival at the venue. If your guests do not have printed ticket/s they will not be permitted entry into the live-streaming venue or the refreshment venue after the ceremony. Due to numbers, there may be the necessity to assign an extra lecture theatre for live-streaming. If this becomes necessary guests will be escorted to the new venue.

How will my extra guests meet me after the ceremony?

Guests who are enjoying the ceremony via live-streaming will be escorted to Whitfield Court at the conclusion of the ceremony. Guests must present their printed ticket for entry into the refreshment area.

Can I get a refund on the tickets purchased?

Refunds can be claimed from GFP up to 24 hours before the event.

Can a family member or friend collect tickets and academic dress on my behalf?

Yes, however a Collection Authorisation Form must be completed. Please ensure your Collection Agent produces it on the day in order to collect on your behalf. Without this completed form, we are unable to provide your tickets or academic dress to anyone other than the Graduand.

How can I arrange a refund for my regalia?

If you are unable to attend your ceremony and have already placed an order for academic dress, please contact the GFP customer service team to arrange a refund on 1300 360 445 or info@gfp.com.au   

How long is the graduation ceremony?

The graduation ceremony can take approximately 1½ -2 hours depending on the number of graduands.

Where are the graduation ceremonies going to be held?

All graduation ceremonies are held in Winthrop Hall at The University of Western Australia, 35 Stirling Hwy, Crawley WA 6009.

How do I get to Winthrop Hall?

Winthrop Hall is located on the north side of the campus and can be accessed via Mounts Bay Road or Hackett Drive. Please refer to the Campus Map

Where can I park on the day of the graduation ceremony?

Please check the Graduations Website for availability of parking for each graduation ceremony.

Disabled parking bays are located in every Car Park on the Crawley Campus and require a current Disability Permit.

Pay parking is on the roads surrounding UWA. This parking is controlled by the City of Subiaco, City of Perth and City of Nedlands.

What time do I need to arrive for my graduation ceremony?

You are required to arrive one hour before your ceremony at the allocated assembly point from where you will process to Winthrop Hall. If you are running late please make your way to Winthrop Hall and report to the Help Tent. Please sit in your allocated seat in the hall to ensure you are in the correct order for presentation. Please ensure that you are wearing the appropriate academic dress. Further information regarding when to arrive and where to go on the day of your ceremony is available on the Graduations website.

What happens in a graduation ceremony?

In brief, at the commencement of the ceremony, members of the audience are asked to stand while the Academic Procession enters Winthrop Hall. Graduands and guests remain standing until the Chancellor asks the audience to be seated after which time a brief welcome address is delivered.

At a point in the ceremony graduands are asked to take their lead from Graduation staff who will arrange them for presentation. When the conferring of degrees commence, successive rows of graduands will be directed to rise, file out of their seating row and move towards the stage.

The Dean of your Faculty will read out the names of all graduands present in the Hall and one by one graduands will cross the stage and where appropriate shake hands with the Chancellor.

After all graduands have crossed the stage for respective degrees, diplomas and certificates, individual cohorts will be asked to stand and the Chancellor will confer the awards. Once your award is conferred you become a graduate of this University.

The Warden of Convocation officially welcomes the new graduates as lifelong members of the University and the Valedictory Address will be delivered. On occasions the University may also award Honorary Degrees and/or Chancellor's Medals to distinguished invitees who have made an invaluable contribution to the University and the community.

At the end of the ceremony the audience will be asked to stand; all new graduates will join the official procession and exit Winthrop Hall.

Refreshments will be served on Whitfield Court.


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